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About me

I'm Dom, a dog-loving, nature-loving, neurodivergent, Filipino-Italian-American Voice Actor with a background in Sketch Comedy & Theatre. Whether live on a New England stage or behind the mic in my professional home-studio, I take pride in bringing the fabric of my unique cultural heritage and lived experiences to my work. I am known for finding the strength and the sparkle in the copy I record and the characters I perform. I'd love to bring my passion and energy to your next project. ​​ ​


When not performing or in the booth, I can be found in the kitchen trying to find the best vegetarian version of lumpia, on local trails with our two rescue pups, rock-climbing with my husband, practicing the Filipino Martial Art of Arnis, boxing, or watching sci-fi and attempting to knit the same scarf for the 100th time.​ 

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